Hay for Rodents 500g

Hay for Rodents 500g
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Vitapol Meadow Hay is a 100% natural product cut from pollution free fields in one of Poland's largest National Parks .

Hay is a necessary component of a small herbivores' diet, helping to aid digestion and maintain teeth wear. Vitapol's Meadow Hay is an excellent for foraging and a good source of fibre. It provides not only a source of dental wear, by encouraging natural chewing behaviour, but also enriches the animals environmental to mimick their natural habitat.

It is very palatable for rabbits, guinea pigs, degus, chinchillas and all small herbivores, keeping them amused and foraging all day.

Our hay dust-extracted to help prevent respiratory and other problems.  Expands to 4 times original size

500g bail of meadow hay for rodents.

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